Frequently Asked Questions



  • What do I do if I forget my password?
    There is a "Forgot Password" link just below the sign in area.  Click on the link and password reset instructions will be emailed to the email address in your profile.

  • My son (brother, father, mother, sister etc) wants to create a profile but we only have a single family email address - what do we do?
    Free email addresses are very easy to get  - one can easily be gotten through Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail etc.  There is no reason everyone in the family cannot have a unique email address.  Since much of our tournament communications are via email, it is important that every participant is contacted - it would be a shame if the communication went to only one member of the family and they forgot to share it with the player in question!  This could result in missed tee times, unnecessary travel if an event is postponed or cancelled or missed information necessary for the player to have prior to arriving at an event.

  • Now that I have a profile, how do I register for an event?
    There are several ways to register for VGA events:

    • From this page, click on "Schedules and Results" on the top menu bar. Be sure to select the "2018 Tournament Schedule & Results".  You will see at a glance which events are open for registration, how many players are currently signed up and when registration closes.  Click on "View" and this will bring you to the event portal for the tournament/event you wish to enter.  Hover over the "Registration and Information" link on the top menu of that portal and select "Register for "XXXX" State Day/Tournament".
    • From the VGA website, click on any one of the event registration links that can be found on the home page or Tournament Schedule.
    • Click on any registration links found in upcoming e-Revisions, Facebook posts or other Socia Media feeds.
    • Download the USGA TM app for your android or apple devices.
    • Click on "Enter Tournament" on the home screen of the GHIN mobile app.


  • Why do I need a GHIN card to play in events?
    The VGA does not charge a "membership fee" to participate in any of our our tournaments.  Anyone with an active handicap from a Vermont member club is automatically a member of the Vermont Golf Association.  We feel it is only right and proper that the players in our events support our member clubs by maintaining an active handicap at any one of those clubs.  State Days are open to non-Vermont residents as well, with the only requirement being that they show some support to their home state by having an active handicap at their home club.

  • Why does my handicap have to be active?
    The majority of our events are both gross and net events as well as flighted.  The only way to ensure a fair playing field for everyone is to require all participants to have an active GHIN handicap.

  • How long does it take to get an active handicap?
    A player who is getting a GHIN handicap for the 1st time, will have to post a minimum of 5 scores before the GHIN system can calculate a temporary index for that player.  Until 5 scores are posted, the player's index will show as NH (no handicap).

    GHIN handicaps are updated two times each month - on the 1st and 15th.  Players need to be aware of this when planning their tournament/State Day schedules.  An inactive player who gets his handicap activated at his home club will NOT be active in the GHIN system until the next following handicap revision date - the 1st or 15th, whichever comes first.  For example:

  • Player is activated at his club on any of the following dates - 1st, 2nd, 3rd through the 14th of February.  That player will not be active in the GHIN system until the handicap revision that occurs at midnight on the 14th - so active in the GHIN system on the 15th of February.
  • Player is activated at his club on any of the following dates - 15th, 16th, 17th through the last day February.  That player will not be active in the GHIN system until the handicap revision period that occurs at midnight on the 28th -  so active in the GHIN system on March 1st.
  • What do I do if I have 2 GHIN numbers?
    Per the USGA Handicap manual, players may only have ONE GHIN number.  In the event a player has more than one, the Vermont Golf Association will merge those two (or more) GHIN #'s into one handicap scoring record and the player will then have only one GHIN number.  Until that happens, if the player wishes to play in any events, the player is required to use the GHIN number with the lowest handicap index.  If one of the GHIN #'s belongs to a golf course outside of Vermont, the VGA will work with the other golf association to merge the two scoring records into one.

  • How do I change my password or update my profile information?
    Log into your profile and you can update any information that needs to be updated or corrected.  At the bottom of that page you will see a spot to enter a new password and to confirm the new password.  Just be sure to hit UPDATE before exiting the page.
  • OK, I've created my profile, and I have registered for a couple of events.  Can I add someone to my existing registration?

Yes!  You can add up to a total of 3 additional members to your State Day (only) registration (total of 4 people in the group).  Anyone that you add, must have a profile in the system and you will be required to pay for those individuals that you add.  Log into your profile and navigate to the State Day in question and at the bottom of the registration page for that particular State Day you will see the option to "Edit Registration".

  • My partner (or myself) is injured and cannot play in the event.  Is there anyway to substitute someone else in?
    Yes - the person who originally made the registration can log in and navigate to the event in question.  Click on "register" or "view" and at the bottom of the page, you will see an option to "Edit Registration".  Find the player who is going to be taken out of the tournament and follow the prompts - you will be given an option to substiture in another player.
  • Is it true that I can actually book my own tee time this year for State Days?
    Yes!  This is a new feature this year and groups of 3 or 4 paid players can go in and select their own tee time.  The VGA and the host club reserve the right to make any adjustments to the tee sheet, but in any event, if an adjustment is needed, your tee time would only change by moving up or down one or two tee times.  Click the following link to read more about booking a tee time - Explanation and Instructions for Booking a Tee Time.