Explanation and Instructions for Selecting a Tee Time


We are excited to offer a new feature this year - allowing players to select their own tee time for State Days.  In order for this system to work the most fairly for all players involved, we have some guidelines in place!


In a nut shell, the premise behind this new system is to encourage players to get all their ducks in a row, plan early and have the benefit of selecting the tee time that they want!  Remember that saying - "The early bird catches the worm"?


The key is the term "benefit".  The earlier you get your group together to register, the better chance you have of getting the tee time that you want.  The perfect tee time is not a guarantee!


  • There is no way the office or the system to hold an empty slot for a group who might be waiting for some of their players to register.  It is up to the group to make sure all players register ASAP if they want the benefit of selecting a tee time together.
  • After the close of entries, any players who have not booked a tee time, will be added to pairings just like we have done in the past.  That is why we ask you to answer the question during registration about your preferred tee time range.  We will use that information to complete pairings.
  • We kindly ask singles and groups of 2 to use common sense and courtesy to try to pair up with other singles or groups of two so that openings are available for any groups of 3 or 4 that register as a group.




Groups of 3 or 4 have PRIORITY!


Should the Tee Sheet become filled up with singles or groups of 2 that have not paired up leaving no openings for groups of 3 or 4, the VGA reserves the right to pair up those singles and groups of 2 together as closely as possible to the time they originally booked.





  1. Only players who have paid the registration fee will be available in the drop down list at the top of the tee time window.
  2. You must add your name first to an open tee time slot.
  3. Select your name in the drop down window at the top of the page, and click NEXT.
  4. The tee time window will open up for editing - click on SELECT next to an open tee time - the available spots will open - click on an open slot and your name will pop in.
  5. At the the top of the page, you will see an option to add another member or to cancel your registration.  You can add up to 3 additional people to your tee time (for a total of 4).
  6. If, at another time or date, you need to edit, change or cancel, follow the steps above from step #3 by selecting the name that you wish to change from the drop down menu and click on NEXT.
  7. Find that player's name in the tee time slot, click on it and follow the prompts.
  8. The system gives you 15 minutes to complete your selection of a tee time.  During that 15 minutes, the time you select will be "frozen" and no one else can book into that time slot.  You will see a countdown timer next to the tee time.
  9. After 15 minutes, the tee time becomes unfrozen and any open slots become available for anyone else to select.