These activities can only be performed when the tournament is OPEN .  If you need to EDIT or CANCEL your existing registration once the event is CLOSED, please click on the Orange HELP tab to send a message to the Event Manager.


  • Make sure you are logged in!  If you are not logged in, click on "Registration" in the top menu and then select "Master Roster Registration".  Log in with your User name and Password.


  • Click on "Schedules and Results" in the top menu and select "2018 Tournament Schedule and Results".
  • Scroll down to the event that you are registered for and that you wish to add to add players to your group. 
    • This will only be available for State Days and some Senior Days - any team events you must select your partner(s) at time of initial registration and any individual Championships, you may not add players to a group.
  • Once you have selected the event that you are registered for and wish to add players to, you should be presented with the following window (we are using the John McDonough Senior Day as an example - the event you select will appear at the top):